Dongguan jun xin machinery co., LTD is a professional research and development, production flow delay devices and online stretch compound of private technology enterprises. Our factory with 20 years of rich experience, on the basis of digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology, developed a series of leading technology and excellent performance in TPU stretch film equipment and related products, and with the high quality service to win the majority of customers rely on and enjoy good reputation in the industry. Our company is a company specializing in the production of manufacturing stretch film machine and garment machinery and equipment manufacturers. Main production and operation: T P U stretch film machine, stretch film composite machine, hot melt adhesive port of stretch film machine, sheet machine, stretch film machine, T P U slitting machine, automatic binding machine, P V C slitting machine, inspecting machine, rolling machine, compound machine, hot melt glue laminating machine, slitting machine...


Contact person:Ms. Wang
Mobile phone:13829254503
Address: guangdong dongguan Wan Jiang area Jane sand industrial zone academician near the school
The factory has more than thirty machinery and equipment products, by virtue of years of industry experience, products from the most primitive manual framework developed to market the most advanced computer numerical control, independent research and development of high-quality machinery and equipment to provide the most useful products for global users as well as the most innovative product concept.
The company has a high-tech, high-quality workforce, talent and daring to introduce advanced technology, independent research and development of high-quality machinery and equipment to provide the most useful products and the most innovative product ideas for global users. At the same time, our R & D team set up jointly with the military enterprises are also committed to the development of new product architecture, to cater to the different needs of different clients.
The company has a strong sense of quality and strong sense of responsibility of quality supervision and management team to ensure that customers buy the product safe and secure, in a customer-oriented philosophy, we do not just sell products, but also to launch enterprises with the times into sales philosophy, and constantly set new demands of customers to improve their products, so our products are selling all over the country and even overseas.
Integrity first, civilized business, hard work ahead, personnel training, control the market, thanksgiving and dedication, development and innovation. Good service. The factory employed two decades of experience in the digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology, developed a series of leading technology, high performance TPU casting equipment and related products and quality service to win customers dependence, the industry enjoyed a good reputation.


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